Self-Care Tips For People Suffering From Anxiety

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People with anxiety may doubt their own abilities, think that they are not good enough for anything and assume that people won’t like them for who they are. Their anxiety hangs a shroud of negativity which could cause a poor self-image of themselves. At the same time, they might also end up being very hard […]


Can’t Relax? Your Posture Might Be The Culprit

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With people hunching over their laptops for the most part of the workday, they have been cursed with poor posture which in turn leads to back, neck and shoulder pain. Added to this, poor posture adds on to stress and anxiety because it tenses up the muscles which ultimately help to hold the body erect. […]


Herbal Remedies For Hair Gain

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“How to regrow hair?” – Millions of people around the world look for answers to this simple question every day. They consult the best trichologists near them and spend a better part of their weekend googling shampoos and oils that guarantee hair growth. People resort to expensive hair transplant treatment plans for cosmetic reasons and […]