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Eliminate Stress and Anxiety Using Your Five Senses


Almost 70% of the population reported that they have experienced extreme anxiety or stress regularly. And why not? Humans living in the 21st century are now busier than ever and hardly have time to tend to their mental and physical well-being. Most of them overwork, eat a lot of junk food, do not have deep interactions with people around them and also sleep a lot less than they actually should on a day-to-day basis. Such unhealthy lifestyles take a toll on the physical health exacerbate mental issues such as depression, stress, and anxiety.

But you can train your body to stop stress and anxiety from taking control of your mind and body by utilizing your five senses. Let’s see how you can do that!



According to some UK neurologists, listening to some songs can reduce anxiety by almost 65%. Listening to soothing music can work wonders on your stress levels and can make you feel happier! All you need to do is get a high-quality headphone and then search for relaxation music online.

You can also wake up early in the morning to listen to the chirping and singing of birds. The result? A serene mind and toned-down stress levels.



Hug more people. This will immediately raise your spirits and ward off stress as well as anxiety. This is because hugging people you like increases the levels of the oxytocin hormone in your body.

If playing with a fidget spinner or slime makes you feel good, then go for it! Additionally, petting a dog will actually make your day.

You can also use Black Tourmaline Crystals as nature’s cure for a host of mental and physical problems. These crystals fight off negative energies which affect your health and infuse your aura with positivity. They sap out excessive stress from the body leaving you with a fitter mind, body, and soul.



Earth tones and calming colors all the way! This will be like chicken soup for the brain because your eyes won’t be strained out.

Instead of focusing on your fears, being in a hurry or working all the time, try to pause for a bit. Focus on the different colors around you and try to mentally describe the things that you see. This diversion of attention will lead to stress relief.



Make your taste buds happy by eating a small amount of comfort food. For instance, chocolate can actually enhance your mood and heighten your sense of well-being.



Humans have an extremely powerful, yet poorly understood relationship between their moods and their sense of smell. For instance, the pleasure centers of the brain light up when people smell their favorite desserts. This makes them feel happy almost immediately after a particularly difficult day at work! That is why aromatherapy is catching the attention of millions around the world.

Essential oils have proven to be extremely beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety. In fact, people have started incorporating the use of such oils in their daily lives. You can also have portable diffusers such as essential oil diffuser bangles which you can wear everywhere you go. Just a drop of essential oil on the same will leave you with a captivating scent for the entire day! A single whiff will calm your nerves and relax your mind.


Using your five senses to fight extreme stress and anxiety might seem strange at first. But your senses help you to interact with the world and the way you use them might either increase your stress levels or help you to control it. So start using them for your well-being as soon as possible.