Full-body, as well as localized messages, are the perfect way to end the day after sweating it out at work, trying to meet multiple deadlines. Along with lowering stress levels, they also help to regulate blood flow to the different parts of the body which helps one to get a good night’s sleep. People suffering from joint pains, headaches, sprains, migraines also feel better post a good massage.

Professionals who work on their laptops all day usually opt for back, head and shoulder massagers to relieve tension from the upper body. Additionally, women who walk around in heels all day swear by foot spa massager machines.

While some prefer to book regular appointments with massage therapists to let off steam, others go through the modern route at the comfort of their homes. Many have massage chairs which are permanent fixtures in their favorite nooks. Some others prefer quicker, more portable solutions instead. They have special massage chair covers with vibration and heat settings on them, so they can use it on any comfortable chair while at home, at the office or even while sitting in their car!

So which one is the best for you – a massage chair or massage therapy performed by a professional? Let’s compare them and have a look!


Massage Chair

You are in complete control of the massage chair. You control the intensity of the vibrations as well as the pressure. Some massage chairs also have heating pads inside which can provide relief from muscle spasms and pain. It can also treat aching joints and sore muscles after a long day.


But after all, it’s a machine. Some might find the kneading and rolling mechanisms a bit uncomfortable at first but most professionals prefer this to masseurs because it offers them privacy. At the same time, massage chairs are a one-time investment, unlike massage therapy performed by professionals.


Massage Therapy

Of course, nothing comes close to human touch. Best results can be obtained from massage therapy because the masseur can change pressure and intensity based on your feedback.

Additionally, you have the added benefit of essential oils applied to your body which can really help to calm the body and the mind. The massage therapist might also be aware of different relaxation and stress relief techniques which can be extremely beneficial.

Different forms of massages, which the massage chair might not perform – Swedish massages, trigger point, and deep massages – are performed by massage therapists.

A general concern is that, massage therapy sessions are higher in cost and time consuming. Fortunately, that’s not the case when you’re with Huma Center in Cyprus. The massage plans at Huma Center starts from 30 Euros only. Having 30-40 minutes of massage twice a week will make amazing effects on your health & wellness without hurting your pockets.

Now that you know, let’s book an appointment for your next massage session…