When performed by a professional massage therapist, massages can replenish and refresh your body, soul, and mind. It can improve the quality of life by eliminating muscle stiffness and pain and enhancing blood flow between the different parts of the body and the brain. At the same time, massages relieve stress, anxiety and excessive tension from the body and the brain which accumulates over time due to occupational demands. Variations of touch, pressure, and rubs can also soothe the nerves, elevate mood and promote healthy skin.

Massages for Chronic Pain Relief

Many people complain of recurring muscle sprains and spasms even after taking the prescribed medicines and following the advice of medical professionals. Same goes for people with back pain and neck pain.

Therapeutic massage releases endorphins, a hormone which can help to lower the perception of pain. It also enhances the flexibility of joints and strengthens the ligaments—all of which can promote healing and reduce pain. It can be used to reduce sciatica pain and for arthritis pain management.

People who have been in serious accidents might also complain of acute chronic pain months after treatment has subsided. In such cases, massaging the area of pain by a massage expert might be of help. This is because massaging enhances blood flow to the particular area and quickens the healing process of soft tissues. It is particularly effective post-surgery.


Two Types of Massages for Pain Relief

1. Hot Stone Massage

Smooth hot stones, usually heated between 135 and 145 degrees, are placed on certain parts of the body to accelerate the growth of soft tissues. The therapist might also gently press the stones to your body as per your needs. It is useful in alleviating pain.

Additionally, hot stone massage therapists might also borrow techniques from Swedish massage therapy. They may use apply pressure and gently knead different parts of the body while alternating between gliding strokes and circular motion using the palm and the fingers.

2. Deep Tissue Massage

This is perfect massage for those who suffer from chronic pain because there is an application of more pressure than other gentle massages such as the Swedish massage. According to studies, it can also lower blood pressure. [Wiki: Deep tissue massage]

People without any particular problem can still reap the benefits of massage therapy to induce holistic physical and mental wellness. At the same time, those seeking medical therapy for pain relief and management can set up an appointment with Huma Center today!