People with anxiety may doubt their own abilities, think that they are not good enough for anything and assume that people won’t like them for who they are. Their anxiety hangs a shroud of negativity which could cause a poor self-image of themselves. At the same time, they might also end up being very hard on themselves when they are unable to control the symptoms of anxiety.


People with debilitating anxiety should seek therapy. Apart from that, there are also certain lifestyle changes one should consider to gain a more positive attitude towards self and life in general. Here are some things people can do to deal with their anxiety:



1) Consider taking regular walks and sing a song in your head so that you do not think about ‘what ifs’. Smell the flowers along the way!

2) Sign up for yoga or meditation classes. They will help you to calm your mind and relax the physiological symptoms of anxiety.

3) Dance wildly to get that heart racing!

4) Don’t be too hard on yourself if you spend the entire day doing nothing. On bad days, feel proud if you managed to get out of bed or mustered up the energy to take a shower. These simple things can go a long way in improving your mental health.

5) It’s important to have a good listener around you. The listener should acknowledge your problems instead of providing advice.

6) Consider journaling your thoughts every day. This is particularly effective in making you spot your negative thought processes. Identifying them is, after all, the first step.

7) Go on a date with yourself to a nearby library or a cafe. Be proud of the fact that you managed to do that alone!

8) Mark out a day every week for some self-pampering. You can also book a massage for yourself to calm your nerves. Additionally, you can relax at home using essential oils.

9) It’s okay to unwind by watching a cheesy romantic movie or reading a trashy novel with some chocolate chip ice-cream for company. Don’t feel embarrassed or beat yourself up about it. After all, it is essential to do what makes you feel good!


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